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Eric Dobsha TENNIS
Van Dyke Farms
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"...a new family is
welcomed in Van Dyke

"..nice ADDITION to this

"..new landscaping scheme.
Looks GREAT!!!!!.."

"Serenity Gardens -
"...need I say more..."

"...see what a new coat of
pretty paint will do for
you...and a brand new
mailbox. Looking GOOD..."

"Ye Olde Fishin' Hole"

"Beautiful Morning at the
Fishing Hole"

"Beautiful BISMARK palm as
centerpiece for this
landscaping. "

"..a beautiful home yard
and gardens..."

"...a relaxing place to
sit and think...."

"Come on in...Let's play
some tennis today!!"

"The Tennis Center and
Playground area - come on
in and have some fun"


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