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Van Dyke Farms has an outstanding web portal hosted by Greenacre Properties to keep members informed of personal accounts as well as proceedings of the Association.  News Feeds, Schedules, Notices, Governing Documents, Agendas, Board Background Material, Minutes, Budgets, Contracts, Long-Range Capital Improvement Plans, Special Projects, Committee Proceedings, Account Balances and Violations, etc., are readily available.  You may also submit ACC applications to request approval for modifications to your property. The web portal is for members use only and contains more detail and comprehensive information than the Van Dyke Farms Website.  This website complements our more comprehensive web portal, and is intended for quick access to key Association information.  It also serves as a resource for potential home buyers.  However, it is no substitute for the more detailed web portal and members are strongly encouraged to visit both to stay current of the Association's News Alerts, Calendar, Board Meetings, Budgets and personal accounts.    
Van Dyke Farms is in the midst of a campaign to register at least one member from nearly every dwelling unit. Doing so will enhance communications and save thousands of dollars per year by decreasing printing and mailing costs.  As of April 10, over 300 of the 423 dwelling units in Van Dyke Farms have registered on the web portal. More importantly, nearly 225 of the 423 dwelling units have both registered and granted authorization to receive email notifications.  This is done by checking the "receive email notification box" under the My Account/My Profile page on the web portal.  
Registering on the web portal and authorizing email notifications is fast and easy.  It should take less than three minutes.  If you've misplaced your user name or password, or have never registered and do not have an individual PIN CODE, please contact Dave Moore at vdf.dave.moore@gmail.com.  Or if you prefer you can text or call Dave at 813 600 7588. Your request will be addressed in a timely manner.  
The easiest way to register and authorize the sending of notifications is to click here to access the web portal and follow the directions below.  You'll probably want to print the directions below before clicking here for reference.


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