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Exterior Paint Color Schemes Palette

To ensure Van Dyke Farms remains of the highest quality, the Van Dyke Farms Homeowners' Association developed and approved the Van Dyke Farms Exterior Paint Color Schemes Guidelines Manual around 2010.  The Manual has continued to evolve and greatly facilitates members selections of exterior paint color schemes.  All members are required to submit an application to the Van Dyke Farms Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for approval prior to initiating exterior painting, even if you are painting your home the existing color(s).  The application can be printed by clicking ACC Application
The Association's requirements for gaining ACC approval to paint the exterior of your home are described in Appendix A (click here) of the Association's Guidelines and Standards.  
As stated in Appendix A, there are two ways an owner can gain ACC approval to paint the exterior of their home.  
The first is described in paragraphs 3 and 4 of Appendix A.  Paragraph 3 states: "Exterior color schemes in Van Dyke Farms must be selected from Table One".  Click here to review Table One.
The second is described in paragraph 5 of Appendix A: "Members can also propose a new body, trim or door color not listed in Table One but they will not be approved unless the Board of Directors approves adding such color(s) to Table One."  Keep in mind, this latter case will slow the process and provides no guarantee the color(s) will be approved by the Board. 
As of December 19, 2023, there are ninety-seven (97) colors that can used as either a base or a trim color in Table One.  This provides thousands of possible combinations for owners to submit, as base and trim colors are interchangeable.  Feel free to mix and match provided the colors chosen yield a combination consistent with the requirements set forth in Appendix A and are consistent with the character of the surrounding properties and community as required in the Association's Master Declaration of Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (Declaration) (click here).  Please review Article VI, Section One, Subsection 2. Table One also list the fifty-five (55) existing acceptable door colors. 
For owners benefit and to facilitate color scheme choices, Table One also provides seventy-two (72) suggested color schemes to choose from.  The first fifty-five (55) were suggested by Sherwin Williams when they compiled the Van Dyke Farms Exterior Paint Color Schemes e-Manual (click here) over five years ago. The remaining seventeen (17), schemes 57 and above in Table One, have since been added based on member requests and the Board of Director's approval to add them.  These seventeen (17) can be viewed via researching the colors on Sherwin-Williams' website by color code or by reviewing the Association's updated Exterior Paint Color Schemes Manual maintained by Laura Coleman.  To review this updated manual please contact Laura at lcoleman@greenacre.com
Most member's use one of the seventy-two (72) suggested color schemes or a slight variation of one of them to ensure they meet the requirements of Appendix A and the Declaration. This greatly facilitates ACC approval and is the reason why ALL MEMBERS EXTERIOR PAINT ACC APPLICATION MUST LIST THE PROPOSED COLOR SCHEME OR SCHEMES.  
It is important to note that major paint providers such as Home Depot and Lowes can match other paint manufactures brands, such as Behr or Benjamin Moore, to the Sherwin-Williams color codes.  The colors may be slightly off but need to be close enough to gain ACC approval.  
Please also note that completed ACC applications must be submitted at least two business days prior to the next scheduled meeting. For example, if the ACC meeting is on a Monday, the application must be logged in and date-stamped by Greenacre Properties by close of business on the Wednesday prior. Applications submitted after that time will be reviewed at the ACC meeting the following month.  It's important that you submit your application in a timely manner to provide the property manager adequate time for processing the application. 
It is the responsibility of the homeowner to properly fill out the form and provide the necessary paperwork. If you have any questions or need assistance contact Greenacre Properties at (813) 600-1100.
Mail forms to:   Greenacre Properties                                                             
                       4131 Gunn Highway                                                 
                       Tampa, FL  33618   
Email to: Marissa Harrison at mharrison@greenacre.com or Laura Coleman at lcoleman@greenacre.com.
Fax to: (813) 963-1326


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