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The Van Dyke Farms Board of Directors, with the assistance of several Association members that serve in Board Newsletter Liaison roles, publish a bi-monthly newsletter the first week of February, April, June, August, October and December.  The purpose of the newsletter is to keep the membership informed relative to Association, Neighborhood and surrounding community activities.  There is no cost to the Association for the development, publishing, mailing and posting.  IKare Publishing recruits local advertisers to underwrite this effort.  Association contributions are primary providing the written content.  The Board of Directors goal is to keep the membership fully informed of its actions and provide informational articles as well.  Members are encouraged to submit articles of interest, notices of special events, recognition briefs, etc. to Association President, Dave Moore at vdf.dave.moore@gmail.com.  Any member contribution must be provided 20 days ahead of publication (i.e., by January 10, March 10, May 10, July 10, September 10 and November 10).  


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