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Weekly Update

VOLUNTEER DAY - OCTOBER 24 - ONE LAST CHANCE AND WE REALLY,  REALLY THINK WE MEAN IT THIS TIME!  A dozen or so members continued the project of removing the invasive vegetation near the Lake Gazebo, and trimming and lifting trees that were obstructing the view this past Saturday.  They really accomplished a lot, and decided to move the GOAL POST by taking out more underbrush of wild grape and Brazilian Pepper with the goal of viewing the Lake Gazebo on both sides of Van Dyke Boulevard.  This will require another Volunteer Day this coming Saturday, October 24, from 8 until 10 AM.  We're looking for another two to three dozen member volunteers to finish the job!!!  We will have several members cutting and removing the piles this week but the real work is going to be next Saturday morning.  If you are interested in helping us get to the GOAL, please contact our Community Association Manager, Tasha McAlister, at tmcalister@greenacre.com, Dave Moore, at vdf.dave.moore@gmail.com, or simply show up at the Lake Gazebo at 8 AM this coming Saturday, October 17.  Please wear appropriate outdoor working clothes, including gloves and working boots if possible.  You'll be asked to sign an Association log as to who participated.  The Association will provide coffee and donuts but ask that every participant bring their own water, lemonade or similar drinks.  As this area is on the main thoroughfare, please walk to the site if you live nearby or park at the Park and walk down a block.  We will have room for a couple of work vehicles at the utility driveway onsite.  Please bring whatever you have to cut small branches.  Gas or battery powered tools are preferred over electric to minimize the need for extension cords.  Participating in a Volunteer Day is a great way to help maintain and improve your community, and meet your neighbors.  We do ask everyone to wear a mask when in contact with others, and always practice social distancing.  
COMMUNITY SIDEWALK REPAIRS:  The County has made great progress over the past six weeks grinding down many of the sidewalk offsets.  They are able to grind down the offset less that 1.5 inches, which represents about 75 percent of the offsets we reported.  The County is working on Thoroughbred Loop today, Wednesday, October 14, and will finish Winners Circle in the coming days.  They will have addressed over 300 offsets when done.  The larger offsets will be fixed in 2021 due to County demands.  A big shout out to the County and all members who helped with this effort!
FREE FIREWOOD!!!  Please feel free to help yourself to a new pile of firewood cut and stacked yesterday.  The new pile is nearly entirely oak and makes excellent firewood.  The other wood is mostly Brazilian Pepper and although it is excellent firewood, it should be burned in outdoor settings and is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR COOKING!  Please enjoy and consider joining others in future Volunteer Days!!!
2021 PROPOSED BUDGET:  Please visit the 2021 Proposed Budget Page on this website for a comprehensive posting of the Association's 2021 Proposed Budget.  The Board will be discussing and plans to finalize the budget tonight at its October 22 meeting.  All members are encouraged to attend this video conference meeting.  Meeting participation information is posted on the Agenda that can be found on the October 22, 2020, Board Meeting Page on this website.  
SIGNS, FLAGS AND BANNERS:  A big shout out to the 410 or more of the 423 dwelling units in Van Dyke Farms that are abiding by the Association's requirements regarding yard signs, and flags that do not appear to be in the spirit of the Association's governing documents.     
We will endeavor to update the Weekly Update page on a regular basis.  Please send any suggestions for further improvements to vdf.dave.moore@gmail.com or tmcalister@greenacre.com


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