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Weekly Update

CRITICAL BOARD MEETING AND MEMBERSHIP VOTE:  Later this week each of the 423 dwelling units in Van Dyke Farms will receive an official notice that the Board intends to amend rules, specifically guidelines and standards related to the Declaration and exterior paint color schemes at its May 20, 2021 meeting.  The Board also intends to release for membership consideration six (6) amendments to the Declaration.  Although the Board has the sole authority to adopt these guidelines and standards, it has gone through a two (2) year process to receive membership input before doing so.  The development of the proposed amendments came from this same transparent, inclusive and deliberative process that included nearly a dozen publicly noticed committee meetings, another dozen publicly noticed Board meetings, two (2) membership meetings, a half-dozen feature articles in the Association’s newsletter, scores of posts on the Association’s website and web portal, and hundreds, if not thousands, of email and other exchanges.
With the exception of the six (6) proposed amendments, which require written approval from at least two-thirds (2/3rds) of the eligible membership votes (that’s 282 of 423 dwelling units), nearly all requirements and protections are already in effect, and have been for years.  They are either in the Association’s current guidelines and standards, last updated in 2014, or federal, state and local law/code/ordinances enacted since the Declaration was adopted in 1988.  A major objective of these guidelines and standards is to condense these various requirements and protections into a single document to facilitate access for all.    
The proposed changes and amendments can be viewed on the Association’s website under the May 20, 2021 Special Board Meeting page at http://www.vandykefarms.com or in the My Association/Association Documents/Board Meetings/2021/May 20, 2021 Special Board Meeting folder on the Association’s G360 web portal.  There is also critical background information (click here) as to the origin and process to complete these recommended changes.  The Board encourages all members to participate in this important video conference meeting. 
As an aside, the Association is required to provide each dwelling unit the approved documents within thirty (30) days of recording them with Hillsborough County.  This can be done electronically provided the dwelling unit owners consent to receive them electronically.  Although over 230 owners in Van Dyke Farms have previously authorized electronic notifications through the Association’s web portal, new requirements necessitate each member sign a new consent form.  The new form will be sent to each member via US mail with the official notice of the meeting later this week.  However, you can click here and send it early.  It’s simple.  Just fill in the information and sign take a picture with your cell phone and email to t.mcalister@greenacre.com.  Should take less than a minute to complete!  If you’d rather, you can mail the consent form back to Greenacre Properties, c/o Tasha McAlister, 4131 Gunn Highway, Tampa, Florida, 33618.  The Association can literally save thousands of dollars per year if everyone does so.  Please do you part!
THE PHASE II PLAYGROUND UPGRADE SHOULD BE COMPLETE BY MAY 8:  The contractor will be working this entire weed to finish the installation and mulch for the new Playground equipment (click here)!!!  Weather permitting the new equipment will open next Saturday!
COMMUNITY SIDEWALK REPAIRS:  Still waiting on the County to return and repair the larger sidewalk offsets in Van Dyke Farms, offsets that are greater than 1.5 inches. 
We will endeavor to update the Weekly Update page on a regular basis.  Please send any suggestions for further improvements to vdf.dave.moore@gmail.com or tmcalister@greenacre.com


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