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Annual Meeting January 23, 2021

The 2021 Annual Meeting of the Van Dyke Farms Homeowners' Association has been scheduled for Saturday, January 23, at 9 AM.  There are multiple ways you can participate in this meeting.  You can participate in person, as the meeting will be held outdoors at the Association's Clubhouse at 17401 Van Dyke Farms Boulevard.  We will be meeting on the Van Dyke Farms Boulevard side of the Clubhouse.  In person registration begins at 8:15 AM.  You can also attend via video conference or by phone only.  The video participation codes can be found at the top of the "Van Dyke Farms Homeowners' Association 2021 Annual Meeting of the Membership Revised Second Notice", see attachment below.  The participation by phone only is via 301 715 8592 with the same Meeting ID and Password as on the top of the above attachment.  You may also participate by proxy. 
We need a member from at least ten (10) percent of the 423 dwelling units to reach a quorum.  If you are unable to participate in person, by video conference or phone, please fill out and send in your proxy, which was recently mailed to you.  If you've misplace your proxy, a blank proxy form is included in the attached "Van Dyke Farms Homeowners' Association 2021 Annual Meeting of the Membership Revised Second Notice".  The meeting agenda is also imbedded in the same.  The meeting background material, including the proposed revisions to the Bylaws, follows.  Please review this information prior to attending the meeting. 
Van Dyke Farms Homeowners' Association 2021 Annual Meeting of the Membership
Saturday, January 23, 2021, 9 AM
(A)      Calling of the Roll and Certifying of Proxies
(B)      Proof of Mailing Notice to Members
(C)      Approval of Minutes
(D)      Report of Officers
1.         Summary of 2020 Association Activities:  This past year will go down in the history books as one of the globes most difficult as COVID-19 has touched so many lives, businesses and institutions.  These difficulties touched each of us to one degree or another.  In spite of these difficulties the Association continued to move forward, building on the Association’s thirty years of accomplishments.  Over seventy-five (75) members volunteered their time to better the Association and Community through serving on the Board, Committees, as Liaisons, or participating in Volunteer Days!   Much was accomplished! 
In addition to the normal maintenance issues of sidewalk cleanings, mulching, irrigation repairs, flower rotations, enforcement activities, etc., a number of major enhancements were made and included the repair, painting and landscaping of the Association’s Clubhouse, Guardhouse and Park Gazebo.   Member volunteer Chris Velar was instrumental in this effort encouraging the Board to go the extra mile on landscaping.  This suggestion has really paid dividends enhancing the Community’s aesthetics.  Also, a major upgrade of the Playground was completed as the Playground Improvement Committee steered our contractor to add single and three-spring riders, a whirl-n-twirl, spinsanity, new infant, youth and adult swings, palm trees for shade, picnic table and fresh playground grade mulch.  The trees in the Park were also trimmed and lifted, which really opened views, and a hedge was also added to the west racquetball wall to help aesthetically lower its massive size. 
The Lake Gazebo also saw many upgrades as a cupola, sidewalk and bike rack were added as well as permanent lighting and a six-seat circular bench.  These improvements were complemented by clearing invasive vegetation and trimming trees near the Lake Gazebo to open the view.  The Association also worked with the County to have the dilapidated wooden fence around the wastewater lift station replaced by a black chain-link fence in an effort to try to preserve as much view of the Lake Gazebo as possible.  Member volunteers then planted a viburnum hedge around the chain-link fence that will be kept at four or five feet to minimize the view of the County’s infrastructure.   
Other enhancements included the addition of a new Park Entrance, No Trespassing and Fishing signs, and the painting of all the Association’s other internal signs for consistency.  The landscape lighting at the Van Dyke Road Entrance was updated, and a very informative Community Bulletin Board and shared library at the Park were added.   At the Clubhouse, we replaced one of the AC units, as well as added gutters.  The Association also replaced many of the electric outlets at the Clubhouse, Park and Guardhouse.  We also pressure washed and painted the reclaim water lines at the entrances and designated decoration liaisons to add seasonal decorations.   Member volunteers also improved the entrance to Southfork, removing invasive vegetation and painting the canal rails. 
In terms of sports much was addressed.  Firstly, the athletic field at the Park is now being treated twice a year to minimize ant infestations.  This allowed the Association to expand activities at the athletic fields by purchasing youth and adult soccer goals, as well as a regulation volleyball court.  These activities are in addition to baseball, softball, football, frisbee tossing, and lacrosse play that happens throughout the year.  The year also saw the resurfacing of the remaining four (4) of the eight (8) tennis courts, including lining one for pickleball, and repair and painting of the racquetball courts.  This included adding tennis and volleyball lines to the racquetball courts for practice.  The four (4) basketball courts were resurfaced, something that hasn’t been done in a decade.  And, we’re especially excited about the lining of one of the youth courts with street hockey lines offering another sporting opportunity!  The Clubhouse restrooms were also renovated by adding metal doors and frames, mirrors, ceiling repair and painting!   
Administrative enhancements included the adoption and recording of the Common Areas Rules and Regulations, and draft changes to the Bylaws and Declaration.  These draft changes to the Bylaws will be discussed later on the agenda of the January 23, 2021 Annual Meeting of the Membership.  The draft changes to the Declaration will be the subject of deliberations throughout 2021, and beyond.  The Association’s website and web portal were improved.  If you haven’t visited vandykefarms.com it is an excellent resource to stay current on Association matters.  Maintenance of the Community has been enhanced by member’s responsiveness to violation notices, which is greatly appreciated by all.  Greater transparency has been added to the Board and Member Meetings as the entirety of background material, exhibits and recommendations are provided to all members via the website and web portal well before meetings.  The Community Newsletter continues to be produced and mailed bi-monthly, and our management of legal expenditures has resulted in a net of about $10,000 in legal fees in 2020.  
2.         Summary of 2020 Revenues and Expenditures:   The Association’s finances remained in great shape in 2020 and significant remaining balances will be added to the 2021 budget to continue required maintenance and community enhancements that we can all be proud of.  The Association finished the year with $16,438 in surplus recurring funds, a balance of $24,911 in the Reserves for Special Projects, and $12,000 in recovered legal fees.  These funds have been added to the $49,000 budgeted in 2021 for the Reserves for Special Projects, along with interest earned in 2020, which resulted in a balance of $102,349 in this account as of January 1, 2021.  This is similar to the balance in the Reserves for Special Projects at the start of 2020 of $108,091.  The Association also completed an update to the September 2017 Funding Reserve Analysis focusing on 2018 through 2028 expenditures.  This analyses indicates the Association is on very good financial footing for the foreseeable future.   These efforts enabled the Association to maintain the 2021 annual assessment at the same amount as 2020, $750 per dwelling unit, one of the lowest assessments for a community of our quality!
Please review these detailed spreadsheets that summarize 2020 Revenues and Expenditures, Major Variable Costs and Expenditures by Month, and the 2018-2028 Updated Funding Reserve Analysis.
3.         Summary of 2021 Planned Activities:  Many significant projects are planned for 2021.  The first, which in nearing completion, is the installation of a comprehensive security system at the Clubhouse, Park and Lake Gazebo.  These installations greatly expand our current video monitoring, which is limited to the Van Dyke Road Entrance.   In early January six (6) long-range and nine (9) dome cameras were installed and are monitored in real time (see attachment).  Data is continuously recorded and stored up to two weeks to capture and review any significant incidents.  Enforcement is coordinated with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.  Five (5) signs and seven (7) plaques are on order notifying that the community is under video surveillance (see attachments).  The second, the Phase II Playground Upgrade, is also underway and should be completed by the end of March.  This upgrade will replace the existing two large existing multi-purpose slide and climbing units with a single larger unit.  The new unit will have five (5) slides, cross-walks and a number of climbing apparatuses.  A third, is to trim and lift all of the oak and selected other trees in the Association’s common areas.  Most of the trees to be trimmed and lifted are along Van Dyke Farms Boulevard, however, there will be a number of trees on Equestrian Trail included.  This trim and lifting will be completed in February.  Many other projects are planned including the annual pressure washing of sidewalks (February), broad spectrum ant treatments (March and September), palm tree trimming (March and October), playground mulching (March and October) seasonal flower rotations (May and June) and irrigation repairs (as needed).  Additionally, the Association continues to work with the County to have the major sidewalk repairs fixed (February – May), and hopefully have some of the sidewalks extended (unknown at this time).  Also, member volunteers will continue to add seasonal decorations, finish painting the rails to Southfork, remove and replant the aging plants around the pond in the 17100 block of Equestrian Trail and near the County’s wastewater lift station, and continue leveling and possibly sodding or seeding the area recently cleaned by the Lake Gazebo.  Finally, the adding of permanent lighting to the Association’s monuments will be pursued. 
In addition to the projects mentioned above, there will be a great deal of focus in 2021 on amending the Association’s Master Declaration of Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (Declaration) in 2021.  Along with the Common Areas Rules and Regulations (adopted 2020) and the Bylaws (hopefully adopted at the 2021 Annual Meeting), addressing the Association’s Declaration will complete the first comprehensive updating of our governing documents in more than thirty (30) years.  Issues of significant consideration include:  eliminating obsolete language; clarifying certain restrictions such as the location of playground equipment, especially portable basketball courts, trampolines and volleyball nets; parking/storage of boats, commercial vehicles, trucks, cars, etc.; addressing the height of hedges; restrictions on signs, banners and flags; and, the overall percentage of rentals permitted in the community.  As you can see, several of have the potential to be controversial; therefore, there will be plenty of time for all to provide input on any potential changes. 
4.         Summary of 2021 Budgeted Revenues and Expenditures:  In 2020, the Association completed and update to the September 2017 Funding Reserve Analysis, focusing on years 2018 through 2028.  This update was instrumental in the development of the 2021 budget.  The Association is projecting to have revenue of $335,500, of which the majority is from the $750 per dwelling unity assessment ($317,250).  The other major source of income is from tennis ($18,000).  Miscellaneous revenues, such as fund balance interest, accounts for the remainder.   The major expenditures are for Landscape Maintenance ($74,880), Administrative Property Management (55,340), Landscape Improvements, including Tree lifting and trimming ($30,000), Legal Services ($25,000), Utilities ($19,091), Insurance ($13,229), Holiday and Seasonal Decorations ($7,700), Pest Control, which includes twice a year ant treatments at the Playground, Courts and Athletic Fields ($7,380), Irrigation Repairs ($7,200), Janitorial Services ($4,680), and Athletic Courts/Fields Improvements.  There is also $10,000 set aside in a Contingency Account.  The 2021 Budget and Budget Notes can also be reviewed on the 2021 Budget Page of this website.    
(E)       Report of Committees
            1.         Summary of Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Application Process:  It is critical that all members seek approval for external modifications and additions.  Not doing so puts you at risk of having to remove or modify your improvements.  It’s also critical that all members include the time necessary to submit and get approval from the ACC in their improvement plan timeline.  Is key to remember that the ACC meets only once a month, typically the first Monday.  It’s also critical to keep in mind that your application to the ACC for needs to be submitted well ahead of the meeting date, seventy-two (72) business hours.  As most ACC meetings are on the night of the first Monday of the month, applications need to be submitted to Greenacre Properties no later than close of business the proceeding Wednesday – no exceptions!  Please remember the ACC members are volunteers and need time to review the five (5) to fifteen (15) applications they receive monthly.  Also, it’s unfair to our property management staff to wait until the last minute to submit your application, demanding it be reviewed at that night.  All the details surrounding requirements related to approval of modifications and additions by the ACC can be reviewed on the Architectural Control Committee Page on vandykefarms.com.
(F)       Election of Directors
            1.         Announcement of two (2) new Directors:  There will be no election at the 2021 Annual Meeting as only two members applied for the two open seats.  As prescribed in Florida Statutes 720.306 (9) (a), and the Association’s Bylaws Article VI Section 3 (b), these two candidates will automatically fill the two open seats.  The two vacant seats were previously held by Jim Anderson and Blain Sanford.  The two new members to be seated at the January 23, 2021 meeting, for three-year terms, are Chis Velar (Arabian Road) and Blain Sanford (Thoroughbred Loop).  Blain has elected to re-up.  When you get a chance please thank these two new members for their willingness to volunteer.  Also, please consider running for the Board in future years to spread the workload and keep the community’s perspectives fresh. 
(G)      Unfinished Business - None
(H)      New Business
            1.         Approval of Proposed Changes to Bylaws:  The membership is being asked to approve the proposed revisions and amendment to the Bylaws as presented.   The Bylaws govern the administrative aspects of the Association.   The Bylaws have been amended several times since first adopted in the late-1980s.  The proposed revisions re-state the Bylaws embedding the previous amendments into a single document.  They also remove antiquated language, clean up some administrative language such as the current location of the Association’s office, allows for electronic mailing, and reduces the number of meetings a Board Member can miss before they are considered to have vacated their seat.  The revisions were originally developed by the Charter Review (formerly Document Review) Committee in the fall, winter and spring of 2019/2020.  They were subsequently reviewed by the Board at its spring and summer meetings.  They received full Board approval for presentation to the membership at the Board’s December 17, 2020, meeting.  The Association’s contracted legal representatives then reviewed and put them in proper legal format for approval by the membership and subsequent recording with Hillsborough County.   NONE OF THESE CHANGES RELATE TO DEED RESTRICTIONS.  As stated above, those type changes will be discussed throughout 2021 as part of the proposed revisions to the Association’s Master Declaration of Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions”.   Please review the strike-through and underline version by clicking here (or if on the web portal see attached).  Comments are provided in this version related to all proposed revisions.  A final “accept all” version can be viewed by clicking here (or if on the web portal see attached). 
             2.        Vote to Roll Over 2021 Budget Surplus:  The Association finished the 2020 fiscal year with $16,438 in surplus funds for recurring expenses and $24,911 balance in the Reserves for Special Projects.  As done in past years approval is sought from the membership to roll over these surplus funds to the 2021 budget to help maintain and enhance the Van Dyke Farms community.
(I)        Adjournment


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