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2022 Budget

BOARD ADOPTS 2022 ASSOCIATION BUDGET:  At it's October 28 meeting, the Board adopted the Association's Detailed 2022 Budget and Association's Summary 2022 Budget.  The budget was constructed based on prior year revenue and expenditures, contractual increased expected, accounting for expenditures that reoccur every year, and what needs to be done in terms of major capital improvements in the coming year(s).  The approved budget maintains the Annual Assessments at $750 for the third consecutive year.  A major part of this budget development was updating the Association's 2018-2028 Funding Reserve Analysis.  It is now the Association's 2018-2019 Funding Reserve Analysis.  As was done in previous years, Budget Notes have been developed to facilitate budget review by all members.  Projections are we will finish the 2021 budget year with only a small surplus for recurring expenditures, about $500.  We'll also carry over into 2022 a balance in the Reserves for Special Projects of $33,692.  This is in line with what was projected when developing the 2021 budget last October.  As a result, we are going to be able to add another $45,000 to the Reserves for Special Projects in 2022 as planned.    


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